Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Hey Guys,

Firstly I wanted to say I am really sorry for not posting very frequently but I haven't had that much time at the moment, I am hoping to be more active from now on though. That leads me on to my second point being that I have decided to change blogging platforms over to Wordpress. That means after this one there will no longer be any posts on this account but a new blog will be live very soon over on wordpress, hope to see you there. :)

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Morphe 35B Palette Review

After waiting so long for it to come back in stock, I finally managed to purchase the Morphe 35B palette of Beauty Bay! This wouldn't be everyone's first choice of palette because of how brightly coloured it is but I have been wanting it for so long because I love Colour and always use lots of colour on my eyes! It cost £19.50 when I bought it.

Overall I'd say the palette contains 24 matte shades, 8 shimmery shades and 3 shades that I'd call foiled even though on the website it says 'a variety of matte and shimmer shades'
Some of the colours are a lot more pigmented than others and as the rows go down I think the formula gets better for some reason! However they are all beautiful. Now I'll go through swatches row by row and give a brief description of each colour:
Row 1:
1. The classic matte white that everyone needs in their collection. It is hard to get white eyeshadow right but this one is pretty good. Nothing to shout about but good as far as white shadows are concerned!
2. A pale pink matte shade, fairly warm toned and a nice texture, it's a great transition colour for a pink or purple look.
3. A shimmery baby pink, this colours a bit 'meh' the shimmer doesn't really transfer into the lid very well. 
4. A gorgeous, ever so lightly shimmery deeper, rich pink. 
5. This shade is a really cute shimmery, light green, great for all over the lid if you are doing a green look! 
6. This colour is gorgeous and so unique. It's a turquoise/blue/green colour and is stunning! It is matte.
7. This is a deeper, royal blue, matte shade and is great to deepen up the crease with a blue look! Has pretty good pigmentation and is a nice texture.

Row 2:
1. This is a nude shade which is perfect for setting your eye primer which is a vital step for good blending! I'm quite pale so I sometimes mix it with the white above.
2. This shade is a light pink shimmery shade and is among the less pigmented colours. However it is still very pretty!
3. This is the least pigmented colour in the palette. It looks perfect in the pan but does not transfer very well at all! With a wet brush it is definitely better!
4. Another shimmery shade, this one is a slightly darker pinky purple. Really pretty on the outer half of the lid!
5. This shade is a matte lime green and is stunning. It is so pigmented and great as a crease shade!
6. A must-have matte lilac shade which is a great transition for my favourite purple looks. 
7. Again one of the more pigmented shades! A gorgeous bright blue colour which has an amazing texture and is truly stunning. 

Row 3:
1. A slightly golden beige shimmery shade, super pretty and great for a more neutral look! 
2. This light orange matte shade is perfect for warming up a neutral look but can also act as a great base for more bright looks!
3. This shade is a very reddish pink with a slight sheen, I haven't used this colour much yet but I will see what I can do with it!
4. The next shadow on this row is such a pretty, unique colour. It is a blue toned pink/purple and is gorgeous in the crease.
5. I adore this shade, it is like a sea foam blue/green colour and is completely stunning. It is perfect for layering with lots of other blues or greens.
6. One of my favourite (and one of the most pigmented) shades in the palette because we all know how much I love a purple eye look!
7. This blue is a foiled version of the shade above it in row 2. It is super pretty, pigmented and metallic.
Row 4:
1. This foiled yellow shade is to die for. It is the colour of lemons and is extremely pigmented. However there does tend to be quite a bit of fall out with the more foiled shades.
2. Another one of my favourites! This is like a peachy coral colour and is great to even warm up a neutral look and add that hint of colour. It would look beautiful on blue eyes!
3. Straight up red is the only way to describe this shade! It works gorgeously to deepen up the previous colour.
4. This is the hottest, brightest, most neon pink you could ever wish for. Again it is very pigmented like the rest of the brighter shades!
5. This one is another shadow with a slight sheen. It is a cool toned slightly greyish green shade.
6. This purple is more of an indigo with hints of blue. It is so stunning with purples or blues.
7. The best navy blue shadow. It is great for darkening your outer V and looks magical with the foiled blue above.
Last Row;
1. This one is a perfect bright yellow and is great with orange looks to add different dimensions instead of just having orange.
2. I am so happy that this shade exists. It is a foiled version of the peachy coral colour above, it does have a slightly more pink tone to it but is beautiful none the less.
3. What would this palate be without a neon orange? It is beautiful and pigmented. All that you could ask for in an orange. I love incorporating it into my everyday looks too.
4. This is the most perfect shade to add definition into the crease. I love it, if I add this to a pink look it suddenly becomes a million times better.
5. This one is your classic dark swampy green. Works really well to contrast the brightness of the lime shades.
6. This shade is a shimmery brown colour which if I'm completely honest I think is a bit out of place with this look. I would have preferred another purple shade, a lighter foiled lilac would've been lovely.
7. Matte black. A classic and always a must in a palette of this size!
Here are the three foiled shadows with flash.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I have convinced you to buy the 35B or maybe a different morphe palette if bright colours aren't really your thing.

Thank you for reading!
- Anna xx

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Autumn Lookbook

On the 13th of October 2014 I started this blog. It's been two years... A very crazy two years, so much has happened. It's hard to believe that I've managed to keep this blog going for that long, I am proud of myself for having the motivation to keep it going because although I may get no comments and probably have only five readers, I love blogging. I love taking photos and writing my thoughts about products. I'd like to thank anyone who has ever taken the time to read what I write or to leave a comment on one of my posts! It always makes my day.
Now because I love a good tradition, I decided that because last year I did an Autumn Look Book, I'm going to do another one this year! So here you go, my favourite outfits this Autumn: 

*credits to my chum for being chief photographer of both my Autumn look books*

This is probably my favourite outfit of the four. I wear skirts quite a lot and this is one of my favourites, it looks slightly preppy but still very girly and cute. I also love this top because it is a gorgeous, rich red and the corset style detailing at the top seems to be appearing in quite a few shops at the moment. Both the top and skirt are from H&M, the tights are from Primark and the black ankle boots I think might've been from Debenhams but I'm not positive!
This look is perfect for autumn walks, it is cosy and warm but still makes you look put together. This stunning parka with faux leather sleeves and a faux fur neckline is so comfortable and stylish, I adore it! It was also from Primark and was very affordable. The floral shirt adds a slightly vintage look whilst still giving a very autumnal feel due to the dark blues and forest greens in it. These light grey, high waisted, skinny jeans are a perfect staple for when you are tired of the standard black or blue. Both the shirt and jeans are from H&M. My boots are one of my favourite things about autumn and winter, these gorgeous chocolate brown ones are from Dune.
I love forest green, I think it is such a classy colour and is perfect for this time of year! The darkness of this fitted jumper contrasts well with this light faux suede, A-line skirt and I think the buttons down the centre are such a cute detail. I paired this outfit again with my black ankle boots. The jumper and skirt are again from H&M.
This outfit is so warm and comfortable and looks like you put effort in when really you are basically wearing a massive blanket! I love this stylish shawl, it has an Aztec type print and black fringing around the edge. The quarter length sleeve, white cropped top goes with everything and suits everyone. These black high waisted jeans are a must for any wardrobe. Paired again with my gorgeous, just below knee-high, boots. This whole outfit (except for the boots) is again from H&M! Can you tell that I love H&M? I just always find items that fit me well and suit me in there.
What's your favourite autumn outfit? Comment below!
Thank you for reading.
- Anna xx

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Why I Love Autumn

I absolutely adore autumn. Everything about it (apart from the fact that school starts again of course...) Today I thought I would share with you the main reasons why I love this gorgeous season so much.

1. Berry Lips

(L-R: Illamasqua pencil, technic lipstick, makeup revolution lip lacquer. Worn on lips = illamasqua pencil and technic lipstick)

I love wearing a rich, dark, berry coloured lip at autumn time. It just feels perfect for the slightly colder time of year and I really like the way it looks with my paler skin tone. My favourite berry lip products are the Illamasqua Lip Pencil in Severity which is a stunning brown toned berry and is very dark and vampy. I also love my Technic Lipstick  and the Makeup Revolution Salvation Lip Lacquer in Rebel the Technic Lipstick doesn't have a shade name but I linked some other Lipsticks by Technic. I love the colour of the MUR lip lacquer, it is the perfect berry shade. It is also a matte liquid lipstick and so doesn't budge!

2. Creamy Hot Chocolate

Anyone who knows me will know that I am a bit (a lot) of a chocoholic... I think it's fair to say that I rather enjoy a good hot chocolate and when it gets to the time of year when the days are shorter, darker and colder then there is nothing better than a mug of creamy hot chocolate. I also love experimenting with different flavours such as orange or mint hot chocolate. There is nothing quite like curling up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and a blanket to watch a film.

3. Cosy Autumn Fashion

I'm obsessed with all the colours that are generally associated with Autumn, the rich burgundies and reds, gorgeous forest greens and warm browns. I think they suit my skin tone and my hair and I just adore them. I have been loving H&M's autumn collection. H&M is my favourite clothing store because I can always find things I like and things that fit me which are hard because I have an awkward body shape to buy clothes for. I also absolutely adore boots; they are all I wear during winter and autumn. I'm going to link a few Autumnal clothing items that I have below:

Red lace up top from H&M
Green sweater from H&M
Faux suede A-line skirt
Primark Jackets
Dune Boots

4. Crunchy leaves

This is quite random I know but there is nothing more satisfying than walking through crunchy leaves on a frosty but sunny morning.

5. Fluffy blankets and Film Watching

I love watching films at this time of year. Christmas films will soon start showing on TV as well as lots of other heart warming movies! As for fluffy blankets, well you can't go wrong! Primark do the best (and cheapest) blankets!

6. Rainy Days Inside

There is no cosier feeling than when you are sat inside and you can hear the rain and you know you are warm and dry. It is the best feeling.

7. Christmas Is Coming

I am very much obsessed with Christmas... I annoy people with my Christmas craze in the weeks/months (oops) leading up to the 25th. I just love everything that goes a long with this festive season. So as soon as Autumn arrives I start counting down the days until the most magical time of the year *starts singing Christmas songs*

Tell me down below if you are as obsessed with Autumn (and Christmas) as me!

Thank you for reading.

-Anna x

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Two 'back to school' makeup looks! (Collab)

Hello everybody!

I would firstly like to say that I hope everyone who collected their GCSE results last Thursday are happy! I also received mine. :) Also to everyone who is maybe not so happy with their results please don't worry too much about them. They do not define you or your life. You can still get to where you want to go but you may just have to take a different route to the one you were expecting.

So today's post is a collaboration with a blogger friend called Tilly, she has a gorgeous blog which always looks so professional! I'll link it at the bottom of this post. Anyway, because we are going back to school soon *cry* we decided to do a 'back to school' collaboration. I chose to do two makeup looks, one for if your slightly younger and maybe not allowed to wear much makeup for school (using only drugstore products) and one for if your going to collage, sixth form or university and are allowed to wear the makeup you want. (using only high end products)

Look  1:
This look is very natural and toned down using all drugstore products. This is better for those of you who are not allowed to wear much makeup for school. Here are the products I used:
Foundation - Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation - I love the flawless look this foundation gives, it applies smoothly and gives a medium coverage. The formula has almost a whipped mousse feel to it. I always apply foundation with my Spectrum Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge which I use wet because I think it gives the most flawless, even finish.
Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - This is a really great, affordable concealer for beginners. Although it is rather thick in consistency.
Powder - Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder - This is such a good powder, especially for a drugstore one.
Blush - Technic Blush - I couldn't find the exact one I used, because they don't have shade names but I linked some others for you. The one I used was a terracotta colour and is gorgeous.
Highlight - Sleek Highlighter Palette in Solstice - This is a pigmented, gorgeous palette and is one of my favourite, most used highlights.
Contour - Sleek Cream Contour Kit and Collection Contour Kit both affordable and really good. The collection kit shade can be a bit patchy but blends well and for £3.99 you can't argue.
Primer - Kiko Eye Base - I use this as well as the collection concealer to prime my eyes. I then set it with a bit of powder or a matte white shadow.
Eye shadow - Morphe 35k Palette - I kind of counted it as drugstore because for the size and quality it is ridiculously affordable. I used a few of the transition shades, the gold colour on my lids and the white shade in my inner corner.
Mascara - Maybelline Lash Sensational - I adore this mascara, I'm so happy that it's drugstore.
Eyebrows - NYC Eyebrow Pencil - This is pretty good for the price. Not amazing but decent.
Seventeen Lip Lustre I used a peachy lip gloss from seventeen to give a natural glow.
Look 2:
This is a slightly more dramatic look for those who are able to wear more makeup to school. I am loving doing a halo eye at the moment.


Foundation - Unfortunately I don't currently have a high end foundation so I used the same one as in the previous look because it is my favourite out of my drugstore foundations.
Concealer - Mac Mineralize Concealer in NW25 I adore this concealer, it blends gorgeously and sits on the skin nicely. I will need a slightly lighter shade for when my (very slight) tan fades! But it is so hydrating and lovely. Perfect for dry skin.
Powder - I'm really sorry but I've actually forgotten what powder I used...
Blush - bareMinerals Blush in Frisky This is a stunning dark coral/pink blush. The loose powder formula is great. I just tap a bit into the lid and then sweep it onto the apples of my cheeks (camera wouldn't pick it up :( ) it sinks into the skin and give a gorgeous glow.
Highlight - Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic it used to be called orchid mosaic but I presume they just changed the name. It is a pretty, highly pigmented, pink toned highlight. Extremely shimmery and lovely.
Contour - The Body Shop Bronzing Powder They don't have my exact one because it is very old but I'm pretty sure they have just changed the packaging because the shade looks almost exactly the same.


Primer - I used the Mac concealer again to prime my eyes.
Eye shadow - Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette I absolutely love this palette. I can get so many lovely looks out of it! I have been really enjoying doing a halo eye at the moment so that is what I did for this look.
Mascara - Mac Upward Lash Mascara This is a very lengthening mascara and the tiny wand is adorable. However it can sometimes make your lashes look a bit clumpy.
Eyeliner - Stila Smudge Stick in Tetra I just lined right next to my upper lash line with this and then also applied a bit along my waterline. The pigmentation is great but it doesn't go on very smoothly so they take a bit of getting used to.
Eyebrows - Benefit Gimme Brow and Paul's Boutique eyebrow kit. I'm not quite sure where to purchase the eyebrow kit because it was a birthday present but I do really like it. I am looking to get the ABH dip brow pomade though. I really like gimme brow too.


Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Thrash and Mac Lipstick in Brave The pencil is no longer available but it is a burnt orange colour and then Brave by Mac is a pretty pink toned nude. I attempted a subtly ombre lip look.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and got some kind of inspiration from it! Make sure to go and check out Tilly's post ! I'm sure you will all love her blog as much as I do.

Leave suggestions for more posts down below. I hope you all have a great week!

- Anna x

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Makeup I took on holiday!

Summer makeup can always be a bit dodgy for me. You want to look your best for all the summer snaps and days out but you don't want your makeup to end up half way down your face. 

Multi-functional items:
Taking items with you which have more than one use is one of the best ways to save space. For example, concealer can be used, as well as its ordinary use, as a primer for your eyes. Your highlighter can be used as a shimmery lid colour or an inner corner or brow bone highlight as well as giving your face a natural glow. 

Mini/Sample items:
This is always a great way to save space when packing. I have my mini gimme brow (which I love) and my favourite blush, my mini frat boy by the balm. I also find that I use frat boy to warm up my crease a lot and add a pinkish coral tone.

Summer appropriate items:
What I mean by that sub heading is makeup products which 1. For the bright and happy tone of the summer season and 2. Are appropriate for the activities that take place. For example water proof mascara! This is the false lash effect mascara (waterproof version) by Max actor. Then a bold lip is never a bad idea in summer so here is the Nyx matte lip cream in Ibiza which is a pretty bright coral pink. 
Inexpensive palettes or 'kits': 
Makeup products which have more than one product in are always a good idea. When going on holiday, I never like to take any of my more expensive items just in case they break or get lost. I actually opened my makeup bag when I arrived in Switzerland and everything was covered in black from my mascara! Luckily it was easy to clean. But here are some more affordable options: collection contour kit and makeup revolution iconic 2 palette (great dupe for naked 2)

Easy skincare:
When I go away, wipes are my best friend. Just to keep clean and an easy way to take off my makeup, my favourite ones are these simple cleansing wipes.

I hope you enjoyed my summer beauty essentials! 

Comment what you would like to see next below! 

-Anna x 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Collective Haul!

Hey everyone!

I've been absent from my blog for a few weeks now and I'm sorry about that but I was busy with exams and then I took a couple weeks to relax. But I'm back and I am hoping to write a few blog posts over the summer! I am going on holiday in a couple weeks so I will probably write about that when I get back. 

Anyways, I have built up quite a collection of recent purchases over the past 2 or 3 months, items that I've bought at different times including makeup, clothing and shoes so I thought I'd show you my new bits and bobs. (Get a snack, it'll be a long one) 

I'll start with makeup because that's obviously my favourite! 

So about 2 months ago I took a trip to boots, it was mainly to pick up the lash sensational mascara by maybelline which is my everyday mascara absolute favourite. However being the makeup addict that I am, I couldn't help but pick up a few extra bits. So along with my favourite mascara, I also bought the maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner because my queen Jaclyn Hill raves about it All. The. Time and I 100% trust her opinion so I had to try it out (I already love it) and as it was 3 for 2 on maybelline, I picked up a colour tattoo in turquoise forever (or forever turquoise, I can never remember and it's not near me right now) because I love a good colourful eyemakeup look. Now because Nyx has recently hit the UK in an explosion of makeup madness and hype, I had to try one of their products. So I decided on this vivid brights eyeliner in the shade vivid blossom. I have already incorporated it into a few looks, shown on my Instagram (@its_annas_life) 

A couple weeks later I actually purchased another nyx product. This time one of their famous soft matte lip creams, in the shade Ibiza.

These last few makeup products are from this week! So firstly I got a sample of gimme brow by benefit in the new packaging which is so cute. Then I bought three products which I have been wanting for a while. The sleek cream contour kit which I've been desperate for since sleek announced its launch! I also bought the sleek highlight palette in solstice which is beautiful and so many people have been raving about it so I had to try it! Also I'm so happy because I FINALLY bought the Mary-loumanizer highlighter by the balm after wanting it for at least a year. It's beautiful! 

Now onto clothes and other items:

So firstly I bought two new tops and a skirt. 

The tops are both stripy because I am actually loving striped tops right now. They are also both cropped! The top one is from Zara, I love a lot of the clothes in Zara, it is fast becoming one of my favourite shops! The bottom one is from new look and I bought it because it will go with a lot of things! 

The skirt is from primark and I love it because I love a good checkered print and I wear a lot of skirts. Also next year I'm going into sixth form so I will need some more clothes as I will no longer be wearing uniform. 

Now because it's summer I needed a couple of new bikinis! This first one is from Topshop and the second one is one my mum bought me from TK Maxx I believe. I love them both and I can't wait to get some use out of them on holiday! 

The last few things are two pairs of shoes and a pair of sunglasses:

I love these trainers. They are from primark and are such good quality for the affordable price! They are a really pretty green grey colour and I really like them 
This pair were from Deichman and I think the floral print is really cute. They were also such a great price! 

My last recent purchase is this pair of aviator style sunglasses from H&M, I just think they are really classy and simple. 

Right, I told you it would be a long post! Bare in mind that this was a collective haul and not all from the same trip, I think these items were collected over a total of four seperate occasions. 

I will definitely be reviewing the sleek cream contour kit and the highlight palette (probably within the same post) comment other blog post suggestions down below! 

I hope you enjoyed this long post! It was so nice to be writing again after so long. 

Until next time
-Anna X