Sunday, 31 January 2016

Aikosmetics Makeup Brushes Review!

Finally writing this post!

Today I am going to do an in depth review on the Aikosmetics makeup brushes! I have been waiting to do this review ever since I opened the box but I wanted to try them out everyday for over month so I could give you a proper and honest review. 

First things first, I received the full set for Christmas. However you can also buy the essentials set or purchase the brushes individually! 

The full set comes with 11 brushes and is packaged beautifully in a baby pink box with gold embellished writing on and a gorgeous personal note.
The personal touch makes it so special and I have kept all the packaging. :) 

Now I'll go through each of the brushes and then at the end I'll tell you which are my favourites and least favourites and why:

1. Lasting Perfection Brush

Firstly is their fluffy powder brush, it applys powder all over your face to set foundation, help mattify your skin or just give you an even complexion.

This brush is the softest brush I have ever felt, it is also really big therefore covers my face just in a couple of swishes. It picks up my powder well and feels so lovely when applying it.

2. Radiant Complexion Brush

Next is the first one their two foundation brushes. Use this brush to evenly apply foundation for a 'flawless and radiant complexion'

Although the collection comes with two foundation brushes, this brush is the one I prefer to use for my foundation. I find the curved top easier to work with, it applys my foundation well and blends completely without leaving streaks. It helps to create the perfect base for my makeup.

3. Flawless Finish Brush

Their second foundation brush. This is a flat topped buffer brush.

Although I don't use this to apply my foundation, I like to use it afterwards to make extra sure everything is completely buffed into my skin because I like to mix my foundation with a light moisturiser so it tends to take a bit more work to get rid of shininess. It is good for making sure everything is well and truly blended into your skin!

 4. Blush Brush

This is an angled brush, used to apply blush to give warmth to your cheeks.

I actually like to use this brush for contour because I have a mini MAC 116 brush which I use for my blush so I can't tell you what it is like for applying blush but it works really well for blending out contour for a natural look. The only flaw with this brush is that when I wash it, the bristles tend to spread outwards and lose the shape of the brush a bit. However I'm sure this can be fixed by drying it in a certain position.

5. Skin Luminosity Brush

This is their tapered highlighter brush, use it to sweep highlight across your cheekbones to create a gorgeous glow.

I love this highlighter brush, it is the perfect size and shape for the top of my cheekbones and distributes the product beautifully.

6. Imperfection Concealer Brush

A small brush for blending concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles.

This is probably the brush I use least OU of the collection, only because I prefer to use my finger to blend concealer. However in the last couple of days I have found this is useful to get the concealer right up below my eye and for better coverage! 

7. Perfect Brows Brush 

A minuscule angled brush great for filling in your brows or getting that perfect eyeliner

I use this for my brows every single day, it works so well and makes my brows look full and helps to create a great shape! I haven't yet tried this brush with eyeliner but considering how small and precise it is I'm sure it would work great. 

8. Colour Precision Brush 

This is the first of the four eye brushes (not including perfect brow brush) use it to apply eyeshadow evenly all over your lid. 

I use this brush with it's original purpose, to apply my base/main shadow. It works great at giving an even application. However I do sometimes find, because the brush is so smooth, the colour pay off is sometimes a little weak. This in mind, I still use and love this brush daily. 

9,10 & 11. 
(From bottom to top: Smoky Eyes Brush, Beautiful Eyes Brush and Eye Contour Brush)

These three brushes add depth and detail to your eye makeup and create the perfect look. 

Last but not least! These three are definitely some of my favourites in the collection. 
I especially love the Beautiful Eyes Brush which is an amazing fluffy blending brush, it does such a great job of blending out any harsh lines and creating a flawless finish. 
I also adore the Eye Contour Brush, this one I use to apply shadow to my crease and it is perfect as it fits so well into the crease of my eyelid. 
I use the Smoky Eyes Brush to apply a darker shadow to my outer v, it is really nice because it is small and precise and does a great job! 

There you go! A summary of all eleven brushes. I kind of gave away my favourites and least favourites whilst writing about them but here they are: I love all of them so I don't think I can pick one favourite but I love the Last Perfection Brush (powder) the Radiant Complexion Brush (foundation) Blush Brush (contour) Perfect Brows Brush and the Beautiful Eyes Brush! My least favourite would probably be the imperfection concealer brush, only because I use it least although I am growing to love it! 

I would definitely recommend these brushes. Gorgeous, amazing quality and so affordable compared to others on the market. I would say buy the whole set but they are available to buy individually! 

Hope you enjoyed this review, go check out Aikosmetics! :) 
Until next time 
-Anna X 


Em Watkin said...

This seems such a nice collection of brushes! This is such a great post - I can tell a lot of effort has gone into it and I really enjoyed reading it xx

Anna Megan said...

Thank you Em!! :) :*

Unknown said...

I'm sold ;) Should probably get saving now!

Anna Megan said...

Yess! They are really good :)

Sam said...

I really should get new brushes! Maybe I'm gonna give these one a try:)

Anna Megan said...

They are really good I love them! :)