Friday, 14 August 2015

Schwarzkopf live colour XXL - Shocking Pink

So at the start of the summer holidays, I decided I wanted a bit of a change so I (against my mums will -initially) temporarily dip dyed my hair a very vibrant pink colour. I used schwarzkopfs live colour XXL in shocking pink which was meant to stay in for 15 washes. You can get it in permenant and 23 washes too I think! 

I thought I'd review the dye for anyone who is thinking about going a crazy colour. 

First things first I loved the colour both when I squeezed it out of the tube and once it was in my hair. The only thing that I will say is that on the box it's looks fluorescent (and I mean really really bright) but that's because all the model on the box have had her hair bleached before hand, or so it says in the leaflet, so when buying this dye, take your own hair colour into consideration! Here is my hair with the dye on it: 

Dyed and blow dried:

As you can see my hair is a light brown colour with a few tiny blonde bits and the colour still came out very bright. I was so happy with the colour pay off. 

It is very easy to apply, I got Libby to help me, it comes with gloves. 

We got three plastic tubs and put a bit of dye in each and put lots of conditioner in one, a bit in another and none in the last one. She applied it using the gloves and a brush and put the darkest/brightest dye on the ends and worked upwards (or downwards-I've forgotten) then when all the hair was saturated we wrapped it in sections in tin foil and left for about 40-45 minutes. It says to leave it for 20-30 on the box but I left it for longer because I had done a test strand and I wanted it to come out brighter than that. 

We then rinsed until the water ran clear as used the conditioner it came with, left that in for about 5 minutes then rinsed. We then blow dried at and ta dah! A fairly simple process which wasn't actually that messy and I was really happy with the results! I love this dye and would definitely use it again, it was cheap and worked well (I'm not sure how much it actually cost but something around the £5 mark maybe less) it didn't make my hair feel any more dry than usual or look frizzy.

The only down side I can think of is how long it lasts, I had it in for about a week without washing it (I don't wash my hair that much because it is extremely dry and frizzy and it doesn't get greasy easily) but then I went on holiday and was swimming everyday, now we all know that cholorine is a very harsh chemical that strips your hair of its natural oils, well I'm guessing it stripped the dye out too as within a couple days the pink was completely gone :( I'm presuming it would have been a different story had I just been at home and washing my hair as normal, but that was my experience with it! 

Over all I loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to dye their hair, just keep in mind it might not last that long but you get what you pay for I guess! 

Hope this helped! 
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Simply, Me said...

Wow! You're hair looks awesome! Nice post Anna :) xxx

Anna Megan said...

Thankyou so much :) x