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Morphe 35B Palette Review

After waiting so long for it to come back in stock, I finally managed to purchase the Morphe 35B palette of Beauty Bay! This wouldn't be everyone's first choice of palette because of how brightly coloured it is but I have been wanting it for so long because I love Colour and always use lots of colour on my eyes! It cost £19.50 when I bought it.

Overall I'd say the palette contains 24 matte shades, 8 shimmery shades and 3 shades that I'd call foiled even though on the website it says 'a variety of matte and shimmer shades'
Some of the colours are a lot more pigmented than others and as the rows go down I think the formula gets better for some reason! However they are all beautiful. Now I'll go through swatches row by row and give a brief description of each colour:
Row 1:
1. The classic matte white that everyone needs in their collection. It is hard to get white eyeshadow right but this one is pretty good. Nothing to shout about but good as far as white shadows are concerned!
2. A pale pink matte shade, fairly warm toned and a nice texture, it's a great transition colour for a pink or purple look.
3. A shimmery baby pink, this colours a bit 'meh' the shimmer doesn't really transfer into the lid very well. 
4. A gorgeous, ever so lightly shimmery deeper, rich pink. 
5. This shade is a really cute shimmery, light green, great for all over the lid if you are doing a green look! 
6. This colour is gorgeous and so unique. It's a turquoise/blue/green colour and is stunning! It is matte.
7. This is a deeper, royal blue, matte shade and is great to deepen up the crease with a blue look! Has pretty good pigmentation and is a nice texture.

Row 2:
1. This is a nude shade which is perfect for setting your eye primer which is a vital step for good blending! I'm quite pale so I sometimes mix it with the white above.
2. This shade is a light pink shimmery shade and is among the less pigmented colours. However it is still very pretty!
3. This is the least pigmented colour in the palette. It looks perfect in the pan but does not transfer very well at all! With a wet brush it is definitely better!
4. Another shimmery shade, this one is a slightly darker pinky purple. Really pretty on the outer half of the lid!
5. This shade is a matte lime green and is stunning. It is so pigmented and great as a crease shade!
6. A must-have matte lilac shade which is a great transition for my favourite purple looks. 
7. Again one of the more pigmented shades! A gorgeous bright blue colour which has an amazing texture and is truly stunning. 

Row 3:
1. A slightly golden beige shimmery shade, super pretty and great for a more neutral look! 
2. This light orange matte shade is perfect for warming up a neutral look but can also act as a great base for more bright looks!
3. This shade is a very reddish pink with a slight sheen, I haven't used this colour much yet but I will see what I can do with it!
4. The next shadow on this row is such a pretty, unique colour. It is a blue toned pink/purple and is gorgeous in the crease.
5. I adore this shade, it is like a sea foam blue/green colour and is completely stunning. It is perfect for layering with lots of other blues or greens.
6. One of my favourite (and one of the most pigmented) shades in the palette because we all know how much I love a purple eye look!
7. This blue is a foiled version of the shade above it in row 2. It is super pretty, pigmented and metallic.
Row 4:
1. This foiled yellow shade is to die for. It is the colour of lemons and is extremely pigmented. However there does tend to be quite a bit of fall out with the more foiled shades.
2. Another one of my favourites! This is like a peachy coral colour and is great to even warm up a neutral look and add that hint of colour. It would look beautiful on blue eyes!
3. Straight up red is the only way to describe this shade! It works gorgeously to deepen up the previous colour.
4. This is the hottest, brightest, most neon pink you could ever wish for. Again it is very pigmented like the rest of the brighter shades!
5. This one is another shadow with a slight sheen. It is a cool toned slightly greyish green shade.
6. This purple is more of an indigo with hints of blue. It is so stunning with purples or blues.
7. The best navy blue shadow. It is great for darkening your outer V and looks magical with the foiled blue above.
Last Row;
1. This one is a perfect bright yellow and is great with orange looks to add different dimensions instead of just having orange.
2. I am so happy that this shade exists. It is a foiled version of the peachy coral colour above, it does have a slightly more pink tone to it but is beautiful none the less.
3. What would this palate be without a neon orange? It is beautiful and pigmented. All that you could ask for in an orange. I love incorporating it into my everyday looks too.
4. This is the most perfect shade to add definition into the crease. I love it, if I add this to a pink look it suddenly becomes a million times better.
5. This one is your classic dark swampy green. Works really well to contrast the brightness of the lime shades.
6. This shade is a shimmery brown colour which if I'm completely honest I think is a bit out of place with this look. I would have preferred another purple shade, a lighter foiled lilac would've been lovely.
7. Matte black. A classic and always a must in a palette of this size!
Here are the three foiled shadows with flash.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I have convinced you to buy the 35B or maybe a different morphe palette if bright colours aren't really your thing.

Thank you for reading!
- Anna xx

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