Sunday, 29 May 2016

Morphe 35k Palette Review!

I'm so excited to be writing this post. Today I will be doing a review of my brand new Morphe 35k palette, including swatches!

So I'm sure, you will have heard all about Morphe brushes and their famous 35 pan palettes. I have been waiting to get one for a while now and the only thing holding me back was the fact that I had no idea which one to get. I was considering purchasing the 35o as it is probably the most raved about in the beauty blogger world. However it is constantly sold out so after much deliberation I decided to go ahead and get the 35k. I am so glad I did.

I ordered mine from Cult Beauty and I was very impressed with how quickly it arrived (only two days after I ordered it) and it was packaged so securely!

Right now onto photos and my thoughts:

So firstly the packaging is generally what people like least about these palettes. I agree that they are not the prettiest but I actually think they look pretty sleek.

As you can see from the photo, this palette consist of mostly cool and warm toned brown shades with a few blue toned greys and some darker and lighter shades. There are 16 true matte shades, about 8 shimmers, 1 with actual bigger pieces of glitter in it and 10 metallic, foil type shades.

All the shades are pigmented and buttery and although at first glance you may feel a lot of the colours are fairly similar which was also one of my reservations, but I have already found myself using most of the shades and they are all unique and so pretty. Right, now onto swatches of each row:


First Row: (L-R) this is the least pigmented row and does not show up as well on camera... it is still one of my favourite rows.
1. This shimmery white shade makes a gorgeous brow bone or inner corner highlight.
2. Really pretty peach toned transition shade, perfect for summery looks!
3. This is really lovely shimmery pink beige colour, looks gorgeous when it catches the light.
4. A great neutral, matte transition shade.
5. A gorgeous metallic light corally beige colour for the centre of a halo eye. It would actually be a really pretty face highlight too.
6. A dusky pink transition shade which looks really good in the crease and I use it quite often in for a halo eye transition shade.
7. I love this shade. It is a warm toned, orangy brown and is so good for more warm eyeshadow looks.

Second Row: (L-R) This row is very warm toned and made up of beautiful brown colours.
1. This metallic shade is so stunning. It is an amazing coppery brown colour and is so pigmented and creamy.
2. This is a matte, light taupe brown colour. Really pretty in the crease.
3. A more warm toned brown, this colour is needed in every collection.
4. This is like a shimmery version of the last shade, it is also slightly pinker.
5. This shadow is one of my absolute favourites, it is a beautiful reddish brown and I have used it the most out of all of the shadows.
6. This is a brown with pink shimmer in it. It reflects the light and looks really pretty.
7. This is a more cool toned brown which would actually work quite well as an eyebrow shade which I might test out at some point.

Third Row: (L-R) This row contains slightly more cool toned shades and a few shimmery or metallic shades.
1. This is one of the most gorgeous shadows. It is a really warm, beautiful gold.
2. A deep metallic bronzy brown.
3. This rich matte brown is so pigmented and amazing for darkening the outer v.
4. This colour is a true brown and is darker in the photo than real life.
5. A really dark, cool toned brown.
6. This one is similar to the last, though slightly more warm toned.
7. This metallic shade is a brown with a slight purple hint to it.


Fourth Row: (L-R) This row has a mix of cool and warm shades.
1. This one just reminds me of Elsa from frozen, the camera doesn't quite pick it up but its a beautiful frosty, foil blue. I'm not quite sure how to use this one yet but I really want to try a look with it, please leave suggestions down below!
2. A slightly darker simmery blue/grey shade. Really pretty winter colour.
3. A not matte but not shimmery caramel brown. It has a slight sheen to it.
4. A warm silvery metallic shade, looks gorgeous in the light.
5. A unique rose gold bronze colour. Really really pretty.
6. A matte dark grey that everyone needs.
7. A cool, coffee toned colour, great for darkening up a look.


Fifth Row: (L-R) This is where all the cool tones come into play.
1. A greyish blue with a sheen that is perfect for a subtle shimmer.
2. A darkish grey with a very blue hint to it.
3. Subtle dark blue with a shimmer, perfect for a night out.
4. A very dark grey, almost black with a very slight shimmer.
5. This is my least favourite colour in the palette, only because it has chunks of glitter in it which I don't really like.
6. Simmery navy blue/black, gorgeous dark colour.
7. The classic, cool, matte black that we all need. A great end to an amazing palette.

I decided to photograph some of the more shimmery shades with flash so you can see their true beauty! They are all simply gorgeous.
I would really recommend this palette, and if not this one then definitely think about purchasing one of the morphe palettes. They are beautiful quality for a beautiful price.
I hope you enjoyed. :)
-Anna x

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