About me

Welcome to my blog :)

My names Anna and I'm a 16 year old blogger.

I'm about 5'9"
My favourite colour is pink
I'm slightly obsessed with makeup

Welcome to It's-Anna's-Life! I write about mainly makeup/beauty/ related things, with the occasional random post.

I hope it makes you smile.

Leave me suggestions and feedback, if u have any ideas!
Hope you enjoy


Alan Brown said...

Hey Anna,
I saw your post on Twitter asking for blogging advice. I'm a 17 year old guy from the USA who also loves blogging and has a funny little blog of my own that I share with friends. A piece of advice I have to you is to change the format of your blog to make the content wider. Right now it is scrunched up in a tight column when viewing it from a computer. Also, try to balance your site. There is a lot more widgets packed on the right side of the screen (popular posts, your photo, total pageviews, ect.) than on the left (just your archive). I really like your color scheme though. Very nice. Your content is awesome too! Your blog has so much potential! I enjoyed reading it. Stick with blogging, and you'll have lots of fun! Best of luck to you!
(P.S. You have a very pretty photo :D)

Anna Megan said...

Thankyou so much for all the feedback! And complements :) it really means a lot! I was just wondering how to change the format of the blog because I agree but don't know how to change it! I will check out ur blog just link it to me on Google+ thanks again for taking the time to write to me! Xxx