Monday, 3 November 2014

Yummy peppermint hot chocolate recipe!

Today I wanted to share with u all my homemade peppermint hot chocolate recipe, I always start to make it this time each year :) 

• Cocoa Powder
• Sugar
• Milk
• Peppermint Extract

It is really easy so I don't really know why I'm telling you guys this but I thought I would be a nice, autumn/festive post :)

So first you need to get your cocoa powder and put about 1-2 teaspoons in a mug of your choice, then you mix in enough sugar to sweeten the cocoa! 
Next put in a few drops of peppermint extract, not too much (you can always add some more after!) now you need to add a little bit of milk and stir it lots with a fork, spoon or mini whisk like me :)
After it is all combined add more milk until the mug is just over 3/4 filled then put it into the mircrowave for 1-2 minutes! After it comes out of the microwave just add a bit more milk and top with cream and marshmallows or whatever you fancy (I don't like cream!) 
And there you go! Enjoy!

Thankyou for reading, comment and share!

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