Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Haul 2015

Hey everyone and Merry Christmas! Although this is going up on Boxing Day. 

I hope you all had the best day yesterday and are still enjoying the festive season. Remember to eat as much of the delicious food as you can! :) 

So I thought I would do what I did last year and do a Christmas Haul and show you the main presents I got this year! 

*Disclaimer: I am not trying to show off in any way, shape or form. I am doing this because I enjoy finding out with others got for Christmas. I am so grateful to all my family for everything I received!* 

So the first thing I got was Taylor Swift merchandise because as you all know, I love Taylor: 
I got a Taylor Swift hoodie which I love and is so comfortable and two of CDs that I didn't have in hard copy (1989 and Taylor Swift) from my parents, one of her perfumes (enchanted wonderstruck) from my cousins and it smells divine! Also a 'dress up Taylor Swift' book from Libby which I love because it shows you actual outfits she's worn and I've been using it loads! Thankyou everyone I love it all<3

Here is a close up of the perfume because the bottle is gorgeous! 

One of my main presents were these amazing boots from Dune 
I really wanted a pair of almost knee high boots as I had some a couple years ago but grew out of them and I love boots! I'm so grateful to my grandparents, I have already worn them a couple times! 

One of my favourite presents are these makeup brushes by Aikosmetics 
I love them so much, they come beautifully packaged and are absolutely stunning and are really soft! Before Christmas I was going to ask for the Real Techniques bold metals collection but we all know how expensive they are, I came across these one day on Instagram and fell in love! Not many people know about this company but they are amazing, the brushes are so pretty and they package them so nicely and make it so special! You can get the full set, the essentials set or now buy them individually, I will definitely be doing a full review of the whole collection sometime in 2016! 

I also got a few makeup bits from my Aunty :) 
A few stila products, a Mac mini brush set, Mac eyebrow pencil and white eyeliner and a ciat√© nail polish. Love them all! 

The last thing I'll tell you about is clothing and pyjamas. 
I got a new outfit which is a denim A line skirt, a checkered shirt and navy blue flats. The pyjamas I got was two sets of checkered pyjamas, one full length trousers which are red with a navy blue vest top and the other are grey, blue and pink checkered shorts with a turqoise vest top because I generally wear vest tops as pyjama tops, and I love pyjama shorts! I also got a really fluffy white hoodie/cardigan thing and soft baggy leggings/sweatpants to lounge around the house in and they are both so comfortable and soft. 

I would like to thank everyone for my presents (even though most of them won't read this, except Libby who is like to thank: Thankyou so much Lib it's such a cool book! I've been using it so much and also the tree decoration is so pretty :) and Thankyou to anyone who wished me a Merry Christmas and Thankyou to anyone reading this because it makes my day when people read my posts! 

Well and I guess I'll speak to you all in the new year! 

Until Next Time/Next Year
-Anna X 


LimitedEntry said...
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LimitedEntry said...

Aw everything looks so nice! Glad you like it, it's bit childish but that's what we both are so ;) love you lots, thank you for the pyjamas I love them they are soooo soft! Xx

Anna Megan said...

Yes we are hahaha ;) love you loads, good I'm gladddd! Xx

Em Watkin said...

Loved this post, you got some lovely stuff! I love the make up brushes! Xx

Anna Megan said...

Thankyou!! Xx