Sunday, 12 June 2016

Lola Makeup Products Review:

So my last few posts have also been reviews so I'm sorry for the lack of variation but I enjoy writing them. However I would love some inspiration for some different, maybe summery posts, please comment below!

Before I get straight into reviewing each product I would like to thank Lola makeup for very kindly sending me these products to try out! 

So I received three stunning single eyeshadows a pretty eyeliner pencil and a mascara! 

1. Eyeshadows 
All three of them are really pretty and also summery which is perfect! I was so happy to see the purple as it is one of my favourite colours to use on my eyes! 
The pink is a satin finish and is in the shade: The purple is a matte finish in the shade: and the light cream shade is a satin finish in the shade: 
Here are the swatches. They all have a really decent pigmentation and are very blendable! The cream is gorgeous for an inner corner or brow bone highlight and the pink and purple are perfect for stunning summery makeup looks.

2. Mascara
This is a gorgeous royal blue coloured mascara and is perfect for giving your lashes a blue tint. I love how summery all these products are!

The wand is plastic and fairly thin which means that it is good for covering all of your lashes.

3. Eyeliner
This is probably my favourite product because it is so unique and pretty. It is a gorgeous soft, creamy eyeliner pencil which also comes with a buffing sponge on the other end to blend out the eyeliner to create a more subtle look. It is a pretty aqua blue/turquoise colour and I can't wait to get some use out of it!
On the left is a swatch of the colour if you just draw it on normally and on the right is if you blend it out.
Thankyou again to Lola for all these amazing products!
Leave blog post suggestiond down below and thankyou for reading.
-Anna xx


Isabelle Collins said...

Those eyeshadows are gorgeous!

Kate said...

I love your blog. Please post more!!