Monday, 13 October 2014


Hey everyone!

This is my introduction to my new blog! I have done a couple blogs before but none have actually lasted more than a few months so hopefully this blog will get more readers and well, we will just see how it goes :)

This blog will be filled with posts about all sorts of different things: fashion, music, advice and just general life ;)

A quick introduction to me:
My name is Anna and i am 14 (15 in a few months) I'm obsessed with youtube and my guinea pigs and I love my friends ❤️

Thankyou for reading
Please comment and share with your friends! Hope you enjoy :)
Anna xx


FISH TANK & PETS said...

I think it's more interesting to know about Anna's life than guinea pigs or youtube, Its good having succesful blogs by being just your pure self. I'm looking forward to more of your amazing blogs: )Thanks to Erin pets palce tv I've found your blogs: )

Anna Megan said...

Yes, so do I! That's why I changed it :) thankyou for taking the time to read, share and comment! It really means a lot to me :) thankyou I look forward to writing more blog posts too! ❤️